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New Home Construction

​Henry Ford once said "a business that makes nothing but money is a poor business." That quote is just as relevant today as it was when he said it, as corporations and businesses compete to be seen, heard and acknowledged in an ever increasingly loud marketplace. New construction is no different. Often the building company with the most recognized name is considered the "best" builder. They may or may not be better quality, but because they are well known, the perception is that they are.

From day one, Jamie Bean never had interest in growing a large business, he just wanted a successful one. And he defined success by how happy his customers were with his work. Sure, making a profit mattered. But making relationships mattered more. Relationships with the families he builds for. Relationships with the subcontractors and vendors that he works with. By cultivating these relationships and taking the time to listen and respond, Jamie created a building environment that was uniquely focused on building superior quality new and remodeled homes one at a time, one of a kind. 

The end result? A builder you'll want to be friends with for life and a home you'll want to live in forever.

Our homes are known for intutive, naturally flowing floor plans and exquisite attention to balance and detail. A mix of current styles and trends with traditional, timeless elements are the hallmark of everything we do.  Valuable assitance in lot and plan selection and interior design appointments is available as needed. Abundant storage, open, liveable spaces, superior craftsmanship and finishing, these are the hallmarks of every home we build. We also offer assitance in interior design appointments, should you need it.  Let us help you find or create the perfect house plan that marries your dreams with your needs! See some of the beautiful homes we have built here.

To read more about finding the perfect lot for your home, visit our blog post here.

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